Health and Nutrition

Health is Wealth

Health and happiness is the most basic and fundamental right of every human being. We can accumulate all the material wealth in the world through hard work, but in order to enjoy that wealth, we need good health and good health begins with a choice, a choice of how we want to nourish our body and mind. When we make a choice to nourish our bodies with unprocessed, unrefined whole-foods our overall health improves. On the other hand, when we make a choice to eat refined and processed foods our overall health declines and along with that our capacity to deal with stress and our ability to be truly Happy!

At Going Yogue we strive to make this transition to health and happiness simple and fun. Regardless of your health goals (weight loss, reversing or preventing a chronic health condition like heart disease or diabetes, improving energy level among others) and your current situation we offer Nutrition and Lifestyle plans that really WORK and are tailored to your individual needs.

Excellent yoga instructor and nutritionist; focuses on mindfulness and breathing techniques.


Gaurav’s Nutrition plan is unbelievably efficient. I lead a way healthier life, my body is more flexible, sleep better, am able to read a lot more, trust my ability to find solutions more,and deal with stress in a very healthy way…I also know my body better, and love it more and more as I discover how strong and souple it is..and the list goes. Additionally, I am new to yoga, and I could not have dreamt of a better instructor. Gaurav is compassionate yet demanding, very kind, understanding, fun and supportive yet firm, he listens, yet stays focused. And the fact that he listens certainly helps him create the perfect exercises for your day. And I just love how flexible he is with his schedule and adjust with mine. I am never stoping yoga ever. With Gaurav I have learnt to feel, and breathe through everything I feel. I have also learnt that I am enough. Neither the food nor sorrow but acceptance would help me in any situation. And the list goes… Choosing Gaurav is the best gift I have ever given myself, simple as that.


Gaurav provides healthy nutrition advise along with the awesome yoga techniques -he is such a competent professional yet easy to work with human being. His teaching has helped me recover faster from a myriad of health issues I was experiencing. Give him a call, he will work with you around any busy schedule. He is worth his weight in pure gold! Thank you Guray!


Guarav is incredibly patient and kind and extremely knowledgeable. I was intimidated to try yoga but not only has he given me the skills and confidence to practice yoga and meditation, but he has also given me a tailored nutrition plan that has given me more energy and focus in the time I’ve been following it. I highly recommend him.