The main purpose of this page is to share scientific data associated with the leading killers in the United States such as Heart Disease, Lung Disease and Medicine (Yup!) among others. A lot of research has gone into it to ensure that majority of the evidence come from independent scientific studies and not industry funded studies which may have a bias towards promoting a specific agenda. Some interesting facts;

  1. Modern medicine isn’t nearly as effective as most people think. For example, when it comes to cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood thinning drugs, the chance of even high-risk patients benefiting from them is typically less than 5 percent over a period of five years (Modern Medicine Effectiveness)
  2. Medicine and our existing healthcare system is the third leading cause of death (Medical Error
  3. More than 75 percent of U.S. healthcare costs are due to chronic conditions such as Heart diseases, Obesity and Diabetes among others, which are largely preventable just by making lifestyle changes. Among the U.S. full-time working population, 86 percent have at least one chronic health condition and/or are overweight. They cost more than $153 billion in lost productivity each year (Chronic Disease Overview)
  4. One unifying diet found to best prevent and treat many of these chronic diseases is a Whole-food, plant based diet, defined as an eating pattern that encourages the consumption of unrefined plant foods and discourages meats, dairy products, eggs and processed foods (Plant-Based Diet)

Here is a list of some of the most dangerous health conditions and scientific evidence to substantiate why lifestyle changes (specifically a plant based diet) are a much better alternative than conventional treatment. Have fun reading and experimenting!