Corporate Wellness

The United States currently spends $3 trillion on health care each year, nearly $10,000 per person which is more than any other advanced nation in the world. An increasing number of U.S. businesses are less competitive globally because of ballooning healthcare costs.

Health costs to employers aren’t only what they pay to provide health insurance. They are related to additional healthcare costs, loss of productivity, absenteeism, or presenteeism (being physically present at work, but functioning at less than full capacity, due to illness, stress, or other personal issues.) Some studies suggest that these indirect costs are greater than the direct costs of medical care, possibly several times greater. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that;

  1. Productivity losses related to personal and family health problems cost U.S. employers $1,685.00 per employee per year, or $225.8 billion annually.
  2. More than 75 percent of U.S. healthcare costs are due to chronic conditions such as Heart diseases, Obesity and Diabetes among others which are largely preventable, just by reducing behavior-based risk factors. Among the U.S. full-time working population, 86 percent have at least one chronic health condition and/or are overweight. They cost more than $153 billion in lost productivity each year.

Additionally, Individuals with chronic medical conditions are more vulnerable to contagious diseases circulating in the workplace, such as influenza (flu) and other respiratory illnesses. Studies show that when employees stay home, there is a 24 percent loss of productivity for that time period. When sick employees come to work, there is a 72 percent loss of productivity for the same time period.

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At Going Yogue, we are committed to helping businesses design an effective strategy to reduce costs through simple lifestyle changes. We offer four different packages to reduce Stress, boost productivity, improve overall health and reduce overall costs associated with poor Health.

In this workshop we impart knowledge about health using simple layman terms and real world examples that corporate citizens can relate to. After this session participants will have enough knowledge to make simple lifestyle changes overtime to gain tremendous health benefits including weight loss, better sleep, managing and reversing health conditions such as Heart diseases, Diabetes, Obesity which in most cases is related to poor nutrition and lifestyle choices.

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Yoga classes with the focus on mindfulness. Each yoga session is a blend of Asanas (physical postures with simple flow sequence), Mudras and Mindfulness (breathing techniques and hand gestures to relieve stress) and Savasana (Deep Relaxation). Classes will evolve based on the needs of participants.


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A simple blend of breathing techniques and hand gestures to address stress, anxiety, depression among others. These are 1-3 minute mindfulness routines that can be practiced sitting on a chair in a cubicle, office or a conference room to boost productivity.


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This is a 12 week nutrition plan tailored to your needs with a goal to heal your body simply through Whole Foods. It includes an initial check in to discuss the goals (Weight Loss, Improving energy level, Reducing stress, managing and reversing health conditions such as joint pain & arthritis, blood pressure, high cholestrol, diabetes among others) and ongoing Q&A sessions to discuss the challenges associated with the initial plan to ensure participants are able to stick to the plan.

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Excellent yoga instructor and nutritionist; focuses on mindfulness and breathing techniques.


Gaurav Singh is an extraordinary professional in his field of Yoga! It has been a pleasure to work with someone that is so passionate about his teachings. Gaurav’s love and admiration for Yoga can be seen as his class participants leave his sessions feeling relaxed and at-ease. It is also Gaurav’s timeliness and flexibility that makes the business management aspect of this partnership a breeze–there are no worries once you have agreed on a game plan and a course of action. I am humbled to have work with some-one of such high integrity and so committed to introducing a more well-balanced lifestyle to our customers.

Dimitris K (Corporate Wellness Program)

Gaurav is an excellent yoga instructor! He really knows how to set the work week off right with the exact mindfulness techniques we need. He is extremely professional and will offer plenty modifications if you need it. His yoga classes have been a great help during my pregnancy as well. All around Gaurav has been a great addition to the corporate wellness program at my work.


Yoga with Gaurav is very enjoyable because it teaches ways to relax through breathing and stretching. I find that I am using his methods at work and on the golf course when I need to relax.